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AFTERNOON TEA WITH BLOODY LADY OF ČACHTICE: We decided to make an afternoon bike ride to find out about Elisabeth Bathory, nicknamed the Lady of Cachtice, considered the greatest female mass murderer in history. Her hobby was bathing in virgin blood and probably mountain bikes, having such a great ridge trail right behind her house. Movie, map, GPX and useful tips included! NEW STORY: FLIRTING WITH THE SAVOY ALPS: When you have to get to know the highest alpine region only in three days, you can´t call it a serious adventure holiday. But even a taste of these mountains may be the most intense experience of your biking season. Who would resist it? NEW STORY: RECIPE FOR A BETTER MONDAY: Since the world began, Monday has been a chore. But does it always need to be like this? With Mrak and David we have a theory that it does not. Then we have another one. It says that if a paper appears on your desk on Monday saying "I'LL NOT BE HERE ON MONDAY", the world will not collapse. Check the new report! FINALLY! TRANSLATING OF OUR BEST REPORTS BEGINS. MAPS AND USEFUL INFO INCLUDED!: We start with an awesome tip, guaranteed to delight every biker’s heart. Natural conditions of the Swiss Alps, whose charm is often unbelievable, network of more than 600 km of marked paths and trails that easily meet the most demanding needs of all-mountain biking, impeccable service for visitors. Welcome to Davos! MOVIE WITH HANS REY IS HERE: Just camper, mountainbike, trails and at the end some beers. Hans Rey´s life is wonderful. LEGENDARY HANS REY IN THE CZECH REPUBLIC: A huge photoreport from Hans Rey´s visit at flow trails of Singltrek pod Smrkem in the Czech republic is ready. Check it out! LET´S GO!: English version of the Trail-Busters website is coming.